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Establishing a strong brand and message in today’s world is paramount for your business success. A well defined Brand not only sets you apart from your competitors but also builds loyalty and trust with existing and new customers. .

 – Our 6 Step Process –

When we develop a Brand we take numerous factors into account. On your initial contact with us we will help try define your Brand values and vision by getting an in-depth view of the mission that you want to convey to your target market. This helps us lay a foundation moving forward for the correct tone and consistency throughout the project. 

1. Brand Audience

Once a clear vision is established, we get to work on Market research to help understand the target demographic. This is where we analyise the Audience behaviors, preferences and different pain points and tailor the brand message to suit. Then, a buyer persona is developed that resonates with that message.

2. Brand Personality

We try to humanise every Brand in a way that people can relate to and make a connection on an emotional level. Like a trustworthy tone or a sophisticated look. We covey this through keeping it consistent throughout all communication channels. From your website to traditional advertising methods.

3. Brand Visual Identity

The first connection a customer will make with your Brand is normally visual. So it’s very important the correct colour palette, typography, imagery and graphics is used that evokes the right emotion and resonates with your target audience.

4. Brand Message and Voice

We develop a unique Brand message and voice that resonates and connects with your target audience. Also by having a compelling slogan / tagline can indicate at a glance what’s your value proposition.

5. Brand Guidelines

Once we have a Brand visually confirmed and identified, a comprehensive style guide is outlined. Such as Logo, colour scheme, typography, Brand message and Brand tone. The guide is used throughout the project to maintain consistency and quality.

6. Brand Awareness

Having a great Brand is only half the battle it doesn’t count for much if nobody know about it. Our final step is to create a strategic marketing plan to increase visibility to the target market audience. By selecting the correct on and offline channels such as Social media, Content Marketing, PR and traditional we can drive awareness, capture leads and boost sales.