Ann Furlong Acupuncture

Ballywilliam, Co. Wexford, Ireland

Ann Furlong is a fully qualified and Licensed acupuncturist, certified Herbalist, Reflexologist, a reiki master teacher and also a certified tuina massage therapist.Ann offers a wealth of experience in Healthcare and holistic wellness with more than 30 years devotion to the fields of Psychiatry, Special Needs and general practise.
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A Proven Approach

to help Ann achieve her online goals.


1. Research and Planning

We researched and outlined the market position for Ann using data-driven analytics.

2. Strategy and Message

We defined a clear marketing message and outlined pathways that helped users convert.

3. Design & UI Process

We designed a unique web experience that helped users find the information they need and convert.

4. Web Development

We used best practices to develop a great user experience that keep users returning.

5. Testing & Refining.

Once developed, we tested and refined until we had the best possible solution to launch.

6. Project Launch

When the final project had been approved and tested we launched.